This service agreement shows that WTS is transparent about everything it does. Even though this is a lengthy document, it clearly states all terms and conditions for taking a WTS online TEFL course. I understand that this is a service agreement between EBC y Asociados Idiomas Internacional SL., trading as World TEFL School (WTS) headquartered in Madrid, Spain, referred to as “WTS”, and myself, the applicant. This service agreement is subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Spain.


WTS only runs online TEFL courses.

Personal information

I guarantee that the personal information I provide for a WTS online TEFL course is true and accurate and does not misrepresent me in any way to WTS. I also state that the written material in answer to any written questions is my work.

Course requirements

The WTS online TEFL course is for anybody with an interest in English teaching. Our training is open to anyone, regardless of whether they are native or non-native speakers. We recommend that you only take the course if you are confident with your English language abilities. By enrolling on a WTS TEFL course, I acknowledge that I have the right English knowledge level to take the course.

Passing the course

I understand that I must achieve a pass grade within any specified course period. If acknowledge that if I do not pass the course, I must enrol and pay again.

Personal conduct

I acknowledge that if I am unprofessional, disruptive, abusive or offensive towards any WTS staff member, WTS has the right to dismiss me from the course immediately. I understand that if I am dismissed from the course for misconduct, I will not get a refund, and WTS will withdraw its job placement service commitment, so I will not be able to use the WTS job placement service.

Travel arrangements

I acknowledge that I am entirely responsible for arranging my travel and that WTS is not responsible for any aspect of the travel arrangements I make. WTS is not responsible for: any aspect of my health, injury or death at any time.

Entry visas and work permits

I am responsible for obtaining an appropriate visa, where required, before entering into a country where I want to work. If I am required to obtain a visa, I shall contact the appropriate embassy or consulate for the visa application conditions and obtain an appropriate visa before my entry. I understand that getting a visa or a work permit is my responsibility, and WTS cannot be held liable for my failure to secure either one.

Job placement service

I understand that WTS does not guarantee jobs and is not a job agency, but it does offer job guidance and assistance to all successful graduates. WTS will provide me with advice, interview training and help me look for a job by sending my CV to the WTS list of schools. When attending job interviews, I agree to present myself professionally and courteously in line with local cultural expectations and academic standards. I fully understand that my success in obtaining work through the WTS job service is my responsibility. I understand that WTS makes the job introduction and that it is my responsibility to pass the interview and accept the job.

Job offers

If you are offered and accept a job based on your WTS certificate and later your employer decides to change the rules surrounding the acceptability of the WTS certificate, WTS cannot be held responsible for the change’s consequences. If your employer then insists that you must take another course, WTS will not be held responsible for any aspect of any additional training you take.


I understand that access to a paid WTS online course requires payment before I can start the course. I guarantee that the payments I make are from my funds. If for whatever reason, a third party pays for my fees for the WTS course on my behalf, I confirm that the third party has agreed to such payment. I understand that I am responsible for all damages, bank fees, credit card fees, penalties or any other fees, expenses, fines and legal costs that may be associated with the un-authorise use, transfer, or disclosure of credit or bank account information (for example, but not limited to: any bank charges, disputes, reversals, refunds, legal fees, court fees, or any other fees, expenses or penalties). I agree that I am responsible for paying all bank fees, charges, and additional costs when making payments to WTS.


All sales are final. There are no refunds for WTS online TEFL courses.

Discounts and special offers

From time to time, WTS may offer discounts or special fees for selected courses. These fees are of fixed duration and ONLY apply to the special offer courses. Like all companies, WTS has special offer fees for a limited time only. If I enrolled for a course before the offer started or after it finished, I acknowledge that I am not entitled to any refund or any other type of compensation.

Correspondence with WTS

I acknowledge that all correspondence is done by email. Should my email address or pertinent contact information change, I shall notify WTS within a reasonable amount of time. I understand that it is my sole responsibility or the responsibility of my authorised representative to check for all continuous email correspondence with WTS.

Document delivery

I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that I give the correct delivery details (my name, address, apartment number, etc.) to WTS to deliver any correspondence requiring any mail, courier, or hand delivery service. It is also my responsibility to regularly check with the place I am living to see if the WTS delivery has arrived. I understand that WTS is not responsible for any lost, misplaced or damaged correspondence (including certificates) sent to the address I gave to WTS. I understand that WTS will not pay for any additional costs for replacing and resending what WTS originally sent to me. WTS send all surface mail by standard post. If you want any other means of surface mail delivery (e.g. a courier service like DHL), you will pay all delivery charges for the item to be sent to you. WTS will inform you of the delivery cost before you make the payment.

WTS Course information

I understand that the information in all WTS literature, including the WTS web site, emails, printed material etc., is believed to be accurate. However, I understand that it may be subject to errors, changes, omissions, availability of courses, or withdrawal of special offers without notice. I understand that it is my responsibility to contact a WTS representative for periodic updates as the WTS courses’ terms are subject to change without notice.

Course changes

I understand that to improve the course’s quality and content, WTS reserves the right to change any aspect of the training programme, associated services, and course fees without notice. I also understand that WTS has the right to correct errors relating to all written material that refers to services offered and prices.

Service agreement acceptance

By enrolling on a WTS course, I hereby state that I agree to be bound by the terms of this Service Agreement.

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