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Welcome to World TEFL School

WTS runs the affordable and accredited online International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL course that includes a lifetime, worldwide job placement service. We are here to train you to be an English teacher and help you get an English teaching job. WTS is accredited by the prestigious, US-based International TEFL Accreditation Council.

TEFL course design and quality

Designed and built by Trinity CertTESOL trained teachers

WTS trains you to be a TEFL teacher using high-quality online TEFL courses.

Our online WTS International TEFL Certificate course design team members are EBC’s Trinity College CertTESOL trainers and assessors. They know what it takes to become an English teacher.

The WTS online TEFL course foundation content is taken from the EBC Trinity CertTESOL course manuals.

WTS accreditation

American accreditation with the International TEFL Accreditation Council

World TEFL School (WTS) is accredited by the International TEFL Accreditation Council (ITEFLAC).

ITEFLAC is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of TEFL/TESOL organizations all over the world. With its global network of experts, ITEFLAC grants accreditation to TEFL/TESOL course providers.

ITEFLAC’s international accreditation ensures that the organizations are operating according to the international principles and standards of quality. It assures the business community’s confidence and trust in your business structure, management & performance. It also provides international recognition of your business and quality practices all over the world.

World TEFL School gives you guaranteed, high-quality, accredited online TEFL courses.

accredited TESOL certification

You get dual TEFL and TESOL certification

Learn how to teach in a TEFL and a TESOL classroom

You get dual TEFL and TESOL certification. Dual certification means your WTS certificate shows you can teach using TEFL and TESOL methods. When you finish your WTS online TEFL course, you get the WTS International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL. You get a WTS certificate; you do not get a Trinity College CertTESOL certificate.

FREE WTS lifetime, worldwide job service

We help you get a job where you want, when you want

The WTS TEFL course includes our exclusive lifetime, worldwide job service. When you pass your WTS TEFL course and want help to start working, let us know. We will send your CV to language school hiring managers. To get the job, you must pass the interview.

Why you should take a WTS TEFL course

The ideal course if you love travelling, are on a budget or want to learn a new skill

  1. You love the idea of travelling the world using English teaching to support you, but you are not sure that you want a career as an English teacher.
  2. You have a limited budget and cannot afford a lot of money to take a brand-name TEFL certificate course.
  3. You already have some teaching experience; you would like to learn new teaching methods or get a TEFL certificate.

If one or more of these three points describes you, take a WTS course. It’s a choice you won’t regret.

Your WTS course could be free!

Upgrade to a Trinity CertTESOL and we'll discount your WTS course price

If you decide to upgrade your WTS TEFL certificate to a Trinity College CertTESOL, EBC will discount 100% of your WTS course price from the Trinity CertTESOL course price.

Now that is a good deal!

About World TEFL School

Our vision

To continuously provide quality training that transforms and improves people's lives.

Our mission

Building and delivering practical and affordable training that makes a difference.

Our purpose

WTS gives you the affordable, guaranteed, high-quality online WTS International TEFL Certificate course that includes a lifetime, worldwide job service.

We are here to train you to be an English teacher and help you get an English teaching job.

Our beliefs

We believe in affordable, quality training, and (as you will see) we believe in honesty and transparency.

If you know that you want a long-term English teaching career, get the EBC Trinity College CertTESOL. It is one of the two best accredited TEFL certificates in existence.

If you are not sure, you want to test the waters or need affordable, budget-friendly starter TEFL training, keep reading because WTS is what you need.

Our commitment to your success

WTS is here to train you to teach English as a foreign language and help you get a job as an English teacher. Our TEFL course is online and includes a FREE lifetime, worldwide job service.

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