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The accredited International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL course gives you the TESOL and TEFL skills you need to teach in any English classroom, both overseas and online.

The International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL online TEFL certification course is affordable, accredited, and includes worldwide, lifetime job placement.

After passing the International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL course, you will become a confident English language teacher. You will be ready to step into any classroom and help your students change their lives forever.

The authors of the International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL course are EBC’s Trinity College CertTESOL course trainers and assessors, so it is first-class.

To pass the International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL course, you must be fluent in English. All the resources and material you need are in the course. You do not need any previous teaching experience to take the TEFL course.

USA & UK accredited, affordable, online TEFL courses

USA and UK accreditation by the

International TEFL Accreditation Council

Teach English as a Foreign language

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You are continually assessed during the course to make sure that you are learning correctly. There are review lessons and end of unit tests that you must pass. You must pass everything to get your certificate.

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This is the WTS difference because you decide where you want to teach, and the WTS job service proactively helps you. When you are ready to start looking for your English teaching job, contact us to ask for the WTS worldwide, lifetime, proactive job placement. We will send out your CV to the regions where you would like to teach. Schools will contact you directly to arrange an interview, and then you are on your way to your first English teaching job.

The World TEFL School 160-hour International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL course content

Unit 1 – Learning styles

  1. The learning cycle and types of learners
  2. Teaching models that have influenced current teaching methods
  3. Introduction to the lesson structure and presentation
  4. Presenting explanations and instructions
  5. What we know about language learning
  6. How engage, study and activate (ESA) fit together in lesson sequences

Unit 2 – Motivation

  1. Motivation
  2. The teacher’s responsibility
  3. Extrinsic motivation
  4. Intrinsic motivation and interest
  5. Fluctuations in student interests

Unit 3 – Classroom interaction and management

  1. Introduction to classroom interaction and management
  2. Classroom interaction
  3. Asking questions
  4. Concept checking
  5. Giving feedback
  6. Classroom discipline
  7. Teacher language, drilling and board work

Unit 4 – How to teach English grammar

  1. What is grammar?
  2. Presenting and explaining grammar
  3. Present simple
  4. Present continuous
  5. Past simple and continuous
  6. Past perfect simple and continuous
  7. Present perfect simple
  8. Present perfect continuous
  9. Future
  10. Conditionals

Unit 5 – How to teach vocabulary

  1. Presenting new vocabulary
  2. Ideas for vocabulary work in class
  3. Remembering vocabulary

Unit 6 – How to teach reading and writing

  1. What is really involved in reading?
  2. Real-life reading in the classroom
  3. What do reading sequences look like?
  4. Reading activities, Written versus spoken text
  5. Tasks that stimulate writing
  6. More writing activities
  7. How to use written and spoken material in class

Unit 7 – How to teach speaking and listening

  1. Practice for verbal fluency
  2. The functions of topic and task
  3. Roleplay and related techniques
  4. What do speaking activities look like?
  5. Speaking activities
  6. What is really involved in real-life listening?
  7. Real-Life listening in the classroom
  8. What do listening sequences look like?
  9. Listening activities
  10. Phonology and pronunciation
  11. Example games/exercises for pronunciation
  12. How to use written and spoken material in class

Unit 8 – How to plan effective lessons

  1. How do I plan my lessons effectively?
  2. Different lesson components
  3. Critique of a sample lesson plan
  4. What are the best kinds of lesson?
  5. Ideas for planning lessons for different age groups
  6. Classroom activities
  7. Practical lesson planning exercises
  8. Download lesson plan templates and sample lesson plans
  9. List of suggested lesson plan topics

Unit 9 – The teacher in action

  1. Teacher observation exercise 1, 2, 3 and 4

Unit 10 – Information, resources and jobs

  1. Jobs (types, pay, interviews, etc.)
  2. Teaching (hours, challenges, travel, etc.)
  3. Your WTS employment resources
  4. Video tutorials about using ZOOM for online classrooms
  5. Download your International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL
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Train to teach English
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Learn how to teach online
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Lifetime worldwide job service
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Accreditation, memberships and affiliations

WTS is accredited and externally checked by the prestigious US-based International TEFL Accreditation Council. The accredited certificate you are awarded is the World TEFL School International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL.

accredited TESOL certification

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The WTS International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL course is available to anyone fluent in English or interested in becoming an English language teacher. Our course gives you English language teacher training. You should be at least 18 years old, you should have completed secondary education up to the age of 18, and your English skills should be good enough (ideally CEFR level C1) for you to a) understand the course material and b) feel confident about teaching the English language.

No. The WTS International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL course is made to teach you how to be an English as a foreign language teacher. It helps if you have had some experience, but it is not a requirement. We have had teachers take the course and learn new skills.

Your WTS certificate can be used to start teaching English anywhere in the world. You can submit it when you make visa applications. Your WTS certificate is suitable for all English language schools that accept online TEFL certificates.

Your WTS certificate includes training for using ZOOM as an online classroom. You can teach English online from the comfort of your own home. Your WTS certificate is suitable for all online English language schools that accept online TEFL certificates such as All Right, Cambly, Dada, EF English First, First Future, GoGoKid, Italki, iTutorGroup, Landi, Learnlight, Lingoda, Magic Ears, Open English, Palfish, Preply, QKids, SayABC, Skima Talk, Verbling, VIPKid, VIPX and Whales English.

There is only one fee payment. You pay when you enrol. You may start the course when the payment is complete. The course fee payment includes your 160-hour online TEFL course, all the downloadable teaching material in the course and your digital certificate. If you want a hard copy (printed version) of your certificate, you can buy it after passing the course. With the advance of technology, printed certificates are no longer mandatory, so you decide whether or not you want to order a hard copy certificate. All payments are processed through PayPal. You can use whatever method offered by PayPal which include credit card payments.

You get your WTS International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL when you pass. You can download and print your WTS International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL from the course. If you want a hardcopy version of the WTS International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL mailed to you, contact us for more details.

Your WTS International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL contains the following information the name of the certificate, your name, the date you were awarded the certificate, information about what you completed, the WTS name and logo, the signature of the WTS Managing Director and a QR code allowing access to an authentication web page to verify your certificate.

All support must be sent using our chat line where are trainers are available to help you. If the chat line is offline, you can use it to send an email. We will reply to your email as soon as we can.

What is included?

  1. WTS 160-hour online International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL course
  2. Your downloadable WTS International Certificate in TESOL and TEFL certificate
  3. Lifetime access to the course
  4. FREE lifetime, worldwide job service
  5. Using ZOOM as an online classroom
  6. Job workshops on how to get an English teaching job and how to pass an English teaching job interview
  7. A list of English reference books
  8. Links to high-quality teaching resources
  9. Ready to use handouts and audio files
  10. Lesson planning templates
  11. Ready to use lesson plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced level learners
  12. Video observation of English teachers